Introducing our first published game - Sailaway!

Things have been pretty quiet from us over the last year but that has been because we have been busy beavering away creating and signing new games to publish.

Today we are very pleased to be announcing the first game to be published by us and that game is Sailaway!

Sailaway (as the name might suggest) is a sailing simulator at a scale we have never seen before, Richard Knol the sole developer has recreated the worlds oceans for players to sail on in real-time with accuracy being at the forefront of his mind at all time. There is real weather, realistic waves, realistic controls and an online world where you can sail with others, the sense of scale is impressive to say the least.

Sailaway is planned to release via Early Access in April 2017.

If you would like to know more then please visit the new website for the game which can be found at: